Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Le Dernier Lapon - Olivier Truc

A friend lent me this, thinking it would be of interest to me. Although I have mostly gone off detective stories, this one happens to be penned by a French journalist, long settled in my native Sweden, setting his story in the very northern parts of Scandinavia, close to my childhood home.

Lapland makes for an original backdrop, I'll give him that much! 
Of course, his own background as a journalist entails the usual pros and cons.

Pros :
The research is thorough. And when I say thorough, I mean super-extra-thorough! 
My experience of Sami culture is regrettably narrow, but as far as pretty much everything else in the book is concerned, I didn't find him at fault a single time. Well done, Monsieur Truc!

Cons : 
The man is a journalist. He gets his message across (our treatment of the Sami people is exceedingly arrogant) but literature it certainly ain't. The characterization is gross (the villain is not just a villain - he is a the cruelest, basest scumbag you could possibly imagine, and a paedophile to boot) and the plot oscillates between complex and just plain stupid.

All in all, an OK read.

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