Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Picasso.Sculptures at Musée Picasso, Paris 3rd arrdt

Never been one to take joy in sculptures, even when sculpted by the great Spaniard himself. This exhibition, however, all but made me change my mind.

The echoes and correspondences between sculptures and paintings are highlighted from apt exposition. Moreover, they reflect the Picasso versatility; their greatly varying character illustrate how he repeatedly switched method and material. 

On the newly reopened museum itself :

- No major Picasso paintings; indeed not all that many paintings at all, though if you are into ceramics, you may well be in your element here.

+ A great number of works in a great number of distinct styles and materials.
I admire Picasso for the same reason I admired Prince - Some might even say I was a purple addict from 'Purple Rain' to 'Chaos and Disorder' - i.e. their constant refusal to take the easy way out, seeking new paths rather than settling down to their success. That's courageous!

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