Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Show Me Your Soul

'The Soul Train' was a black version of the classic TV show 'American Bandstand' : Well-dressed youngsters dancing while hot artists performed their latest hits.
This hour-long documentary recounts the three decades of the show, commented by producers, dancers, viewers and Bobby Womack!

'The Soul Train' constituted a breakthrough in so far that it was one of the first black TV shows, providing vital role models, and even modestly promoting the equal-rights message. Not to mention the music! (Not that I in any way want to look down on Dick Clark's wholesome family entertainment - but the Motown artists were something entirely different!)

The documentary explicits how disco was born partly from the soul scene, federating black and white culture for the very first time, which then opened up for the breakdance / hiphop wave of the early 1980s.
It was awesome, though I'd be at a loss to tell you whether I'm referring to the documentary or to its subject-matter.

What is NOT awesome, however, is that the Arte Channel - overtly claiming to promote culture! - does not offer its shows in Version Originale. I had to watch this dubbed to French. Get your stuff sorted, Arte!!

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