Sunday, March 27, 2016

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, live at Bercy, Paris

Well yes, the Macklemore energy is all but irresistible : I reckon him alone on a stage would be fairly entertaining in itself. At Bercy, he was accompanied not only by Lewis (celebrating his birthday, sung for by a crowd of 12,000) but also by dancers, background singers, strings and brass musicians = It was a concert with a lot going on.

Moreover, higher artistic ambitions and political pretensions, particularly well-combined, are always most welcome in my book!

On the downside : Pre-recorded tracks (of Ed Sheeran's voice, for instance, rendering his absence on stage violently conspicuous) and overall the very selfsame sound on stage as on the albums. Not much point in going to the restaurant, I say, if you are served the same dishes as you get cheaper from the takeaway.

Altogether; more on the upside than on the downside, as you can see.

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