Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ja Jag Har Mens, Hurså? - Clara Henry

Since Giulia Enders's book about bowels is only about a year old, I suppose there is some logic to the fact that this Swedish superstar Youtuber's first book deals with monthly periods.
It feels very 21st century, which is not a day too soon, if you ask me.

Even apart from the bold choice of subject-matter AND my personal, quite considerable, experience in the field of menstruation, this turned out to be a good read!

Admittedly, I didn't learn as much as the target audience of, I guess, pre-teen girls certainly will, yet I had fun reading. Partly because Henry, much like her older sisters Silverman, Dunham & co, is a funny lady, and partly because I take Such Joy in the fact that this kind of book actually exists, is edited and has become a bestseller! Society IS making progress, thank God!

(Clara Henry's videos are in Swedish but very readably subtitled in English!)

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