Thursday, March 10, 2016

Autant En Emporte l'Histoire (podcast)

Whereas Europe 1's 'Au Coeur de l'Histoire' felt old-town and rather stuffy, this France Inter competitor is a podcast aimed at entertainment as well as education. 

Each episode begins with a brief dialogue between the show's hostess and the invited expert. Follows a half-hour radio drama illustrating the topic under study (I didn't say it wasn't old-fashioned; I said it doesn't feel that way!). Then comes a song of some sort (which I don't always see the point of, but I reckon someone does?) and it is all rounded up by a return to the two people in the studio = Things happen and speakers vary throughout the show, making it a lot easier to keep track of the subject.

Extra applause for their ambition to look into less mainstream issues, such as Nicolas de Condorcet or the expatriated 1871 Paris Communards. 

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