Sunday, February 14, 2016

Victoires de la Musique 2016

The Victoires de la Musique award is the French equivalent to the Grammies and the Brit awards, delivered by the French Ministère de la Culture. Most of the awards are selected by a jury of professionals of the music industry.

There is of course some sens, therefore, to the fact that it is a sort of anti-NRJ Awards, rather high-brow and more than a tad conceited. (And that's despite the numerous references by the host & hostess to "social media". Displaying laudatory tweets on the TV screen is actually more pathetic than hip.) 

That I myself have quite a different conception of for instance what makes a rock band may be due to the fact that I spent my formative first 20 years in another country. (It doesn't account for my husband's similar opinion, but...) For all Lou Douillon's and The Innocents' qualities, there is no way I would call either of them rock artists.

The fact that to me 90% of the music performed sounded pretty much the same (from William Sheller to Vianney to Louanne to Kendji Girac) may also be explained in the same way.

However, there is no smoothing over the blatant and constant overlookings of talented artists repeatedly snobbed by the Victoires jury. Mylène Farmer is the major casualty, but among my personal favourites I also want to mention Shaka Ponk (THAT is rock to me) and this year's excellent Caribbean Dandee.

La-di-da, in a nutshell.

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