Saturday, February 27, 2016

Eiffel Tower, Paris 7ème arrdt

pic nicked from Thank you!
One good thing about having temporary house-guests is they make you go sightseeing in your own city.
I hadn't visited the Eiffel Tower in a couple of years, and the last time, we spent over an hour queuing in sub-zero temperature.

Water has run under the Parisian bridges since then, however! The 21st century has caught up with the Tower and you can now book tickets online! Not that we could benefit from that, as they were all sold out by the time we got around to booking, but as all the better-organised tourists took a direct entry with their printed online tickets, we sloppy plebeians were less numerous.

Apart from that, the tower itself hadn't changed much. A great heap of scrap iron seen up close, though graceful from afar, especially when lit up at night.

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