Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sista Boken Fran Finistère - Bodil Malmsten

At age 55, this Swedish writer stuffed her belongings in her car and drove down to settle in Bretagne. That indicates some force of character, and it's that character, combined with a remarkable sense of phrasing, that makes reading her so terribly worthwhile.

'Priset Pa Vatten i Finistère' is about her arrival and settling in her new home-country (no doubt extra fun by our shared experiences) and it's irresistible; attaching, thoughtful, brainy and perspicacious. Here, a decade later, she breaks up from her house - for reasons that remain obscure to me - and moves to an apartment in a major Briton city. 

It is still thoughtful and attaching and all the rest - because she is still she - and I still read with a constant smile because her prose is so stylish. 
It's not side-splittingly hilarious, but Jeeez, it's so witty!!

(As I'm reading her in disorder, the following book is here : 'Och Ett Skepp...')

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