Sunday, January 31, 2016

Picassomania, at the Grand Palais, Paris

Picasso is always Picasso, so this was intrinsically brilliant.

That said, I was not really transported by the numerous copies / derivations of his work executed by contemporary artists. True enough, I rarely see the point with contemporary art; yet, it seems to me copying (OK; reproducing) is somehow anti-Picasso. 
I am aware he did this extensively himself - still, I feel that Picasso's reproductions (of Goya, El Greco...) are more of variations on a given theme, and contain a lot more of himself than what, say, Kippenberger or Koons' Picasso-works do.

I may be altogether wrong about that, yet the fact remains : What really did it for me here apart from Picasso's own paintings were basically portraits of Picasso. 
Plus Jasper Johns's The Seasons.

Jasper Johns, Summer, 1987

Picasso, Minotaure à la carriole, 1936

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