Monday, January 25, 2016

Inside Out - Docter & Del Carmen, 2015

I tend to fulminate against films for children for their stereotypes and lack of originality (the eternal coming-of-age story, the cute sidekick, the family & countrylife ideals...). Though most of these are still present in 'Inside Out', I must admit a film about allegorical characters inside a kid's head is definitely a new take.

Two problems, however. It was :

1. Much too complicated for me! All those innuendos, symbols and references are admittedly not essential to get the picture, but then my thick-witted 11-year-old, who did not bother with them, just lost interest after half an hour.

2. Just not that fun, really... By far the best bits were when we were shown inside the parents' minds, and there were like two of those.

To conclude I suppose I just need to come to terms with the fact that these Pixar/Disney/Dreamworks films are no longer for me.


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