Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cupid & Psyche '85 - Scritti Politti

My inner self (at least I have tried to be discreet about it...) has always more or less looked down on youth nostalgia. 
Boney M and Modern Talking were rubbish when they were new, and the passing of time has done them no good, to my mind. Plus, there is enough recent & decent music out there for me not to have to go back and listen to stuff I already know. 
(Yes, there WAS that 80s festival in my ipod... But in my defense, those were new albums by old artists.)

So it was slightly embarrassing to find myself tuning in to this old Scritti Politti album. 
It is only six tracks long and I knew every tone inside out, back in the day. 
I thought it was brilliantly clever pop music in an updated, very British sort of way. 

And I still do! The production has aged a little, and I don't suppose I will hang on to it for quite as long as I did back then, but I have been at it for a couple of days now and I have compared it to their contemporaries (Dead or Alive, Simple Minds, Level 42...) and it does stand the thest of time SO much better than all of the others. 

What a relief!

 (You will notice the video has aged a lot more than the music has...)


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