Sunday, December 20, 2015

Tusen År Till Julafton

Swedish TV-tradition (OK, your homecountry may not have any of those, but in Sweden we are earnest about every kind of tradition) : 
Each December 1st sees the first episode of the julkalender. 
It can be about almost anything, mostly but not necessarily pertaining to Christmas, and it goes on until Christmas Eve, one instalment a day. 

Another julkalender is broadcast on the radio, though I'm not sure anyone actually listens to that any more. 
(Radio is so passé.) 
(Now podcasts are another matter entirely...!)

This year's kalender is SO my cup of tea! A group of children are taken to various periods in Swedish history, one era per day. The children wake up in the morning, globally unaware of how the day is going to pan out, and more or less go with the flow. They get to taste period food, wear period clothes, and are treated more or less (probably less) as children of the time they are in, sometimes rich, sometimes poor.
So far, they have for instance emigrated to America, narrowly escaped the plague, been evicted from their home, received a warchild from Finland and had their pet rabbit for dinner.

The food they have tasted I will not even go into. Most of the time, merely looking at it makes me want to puke. Kudos to the kids for actually tasting it!

History from a child's perspective, then! Love it!

(And PS yes my kids enjoy it too, by the way.)

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