Monday, December 28, 2015

Serial, season 1 (podcast)

Despite my relative aversion to murder mysteries in general and my intense love of the written word in particular, I confess to having treasured every minute of this twelve-episode podcast.

The pitch is unoriginal : A Baltimore journalist sets out to investigate a fifteen year old homicide case, unaided by all except the convict's friends and family.
And it's riveting! (I'm dying to call it a page-turner, but of course it doesn't seem appropriate.)

Now, you may argue there is something prurient and voyeuristic about delving into the death of a real-person young girl (always, always the murder victim is a young girl...) with real-person family and friends, and you will be partially right - though I don't really see how this investigation could be offensive to anyone, except perhaps to the teenager who took a life sentence for the killing. 

It's actually hard to review this without spoiling it, so I'll just provide the link to the website where you can download it all, free of charge :

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