Saturday, December 26, 2015

Anchorman - A. McKay 2004

I wanted to watch 'Elf' but as it wasn't available, I decided later is better than never and so finally got around to 'Anchorman' instead.

The title is self-evident - add the 1970s and the Apatow-posse - and the film très Saturday Night Live; sometimes blah, sometimes tasteless, mostly hilarious.
Above all, it's that general impression you get that the whole crew basically was in this for a few laughs and consequently had a great time together.

SNL as a movie, then. Definitely enjoyable though I can't help thinking a feature film should perhaps feel more polished than a weekly TV-show. Yet, if it did, that would probably come at the cost of the improvisations that are directly linked to that great time I just mentioned.

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