Wednesday, November 18, 2015

True Detective, season 2

As the only way to go from the top is down, proceeding from a hit show is necessarily something of a quandary.

Mercifully, Pizzolatto sidesteps the main pitfall of simply putting in more of everything, from gory details to victimized women (though there is still more than enough of both, thank you very much). 
He does not, however, quite manage to keep the storyline clear and understandable. 
On the contrary, I found it so convoluted some episodes almost gave me a headache - while this might, of course, also be linked to the constant change of director (Fukunaga, come back!). The final three episodes were way above the rest, to my taste.

The actors are all brilliant, the characters nuanced and subtle and the show has pretty much everything you could reasonably ask from a good detective series (perhaps too abundantly, even). 
Still, it took me a bit of discipline to keep going after the first two episodes...

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