Sunday, November 1, 2015

Rocky Horror Picture Show, 40th Anniversary au 104, Paris 19th arrdt

1975 saw the release of the film version of the London musical Rocky Horror Show. 
Although not an immediate success (to say the least), it can still be viewed in selected cinemas today. The viewings are generally quite a trip, as you get your money's worth in rice and water thrown at the audience by the performing crowd (and by the audience itself).

Yesterday's birthday party took place at a roomy venue, filled with people of several Rocky-generations, many of them in disguise.
The film was, of course, the main attraction. While watching it is definitely an experience to be shared, the large number of people who shared it had both up- and downsides.

On the plus-side, seeing hundreds of people doing the Time Warp all together was clearly a kick and nothing you get at the tiny Studio Galande, where there is simply no room to stand up during the film.

At the same time, the room was way too big for any of the usual comments or jokes to be within earshot of more than a couple of people. For the same reason, the screen was out of reach for the acting crowd to touch it, or point to anything on it. The role of the audience - which is really crucial at the RHPS! - shrunk to a mere presence.

So, in short : A one-time experience, but nothing that will in any way compete with Studio Galande.

As for the rest of the evening : 
The Bubblegum Screw are in dire need of a new sound technician. (And possibly better acoustics.)
DJ Moule was an interesting acquaintance I hope to renew!

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