Monday, November 2, 2015

Haunted London - Rupert Matthews

Well, yes I'll own up; No matter how much tourist junk I already own, nothing can keep me away from gift shops at historical or art museums. 
This I got from the Tower of London; a quick and entertaining read intended for shopping-nuts like myself. With any bit of luck, I might even be able to retain some of it in the future, to spice up my forthcoming London tours.

My favourite haunts are these two :

The 'original' old Lady of Threadneedle Street; not the Bank of England, but the spirit of the elderly woman who for many years returned from the grave to wait for her brother, former Bank employee eventually convicted of fraud.

The hand of Oscar Wilde, penning witty Wilde-isms ("Death is the most boring thing in life, except marriage and dining with a school-master.") at the now demolished St James's Theatre.

A light read, physically and metaphorically.

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