Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Feber - Gradvall, Persson, Lokko & Olsson

Four male, middle-aged, high-brow Swedish rock-journalists together created the website from which these reviews are extracted. Of the albums under study many are unknown to me, and most were recorded by male rock or jazz-musicians, and so the testosterone levels in this anthology are excruciatingly high. It says something about the quality of the writing, therefore, that I still leafed through all the 500 pages in the teeniest-tiniest font I had ever come across on paper. Stylish phrasings and knowledgeable authors are an unbeatable combo! 

The reviews are somewhat akin to mine, and to Nick Hornby's in that they are overwhelmingly very positive, as they are bound to when you get to pick what you want to review (Well, in Hornby's case, the white-clad Polysyllabic Spree does it for him, but as they hold him in a firm grip...)   

On the music itself there is much to be said (as they do!). A friend of mine (the knowledgeable Professore) claims rock music is currently assuming the same status as jazz music already has; i.e. an elitist, rather high-brow type of music, enjoyed by people who discovered it in their now lost youth. 
There is something in that, I reckon, although some of us of the lost youth are experiencing difficulties in coming to terms with the situation...

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