Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wikileaks, La Guerre Contre le Secret - Moreira, Herrmann

The older I get, the more often I have to remind myself that the only alternative to ageing known to man is dying. The downsides to gaining mileage are not that many, in point of fact, but they are crucial. (For instance : Death moving closer by the minute.)

One of the damnedest of these downsides, apart from the one mentioned above, is my inability to form a distinct opinion an any consequential matter. Whenever I lean toward one side, the other pops a valid argument, so that in the end, I take everybody's points and find they are all more or less right to some extent and there is no way I can ever take side.

Wikileaks is one of those hopeless issues. Assange's personality set aside; irresponsible idiots or or fearless whistleblowers?
I want to conclude at the second option, yet I do see the arguments for the former as well.

Twenty years ago, I would have known exactly what to think of them, I'm sure.

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