Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Berömda Sista Ord - Ake Persson

Persson is a journalist at heart, and his taste for storytelling comes in handy when he here attacks simplified biographies of a dozen historical persons, including Billy the Kid, Julius Caesar, Che Guevara and Joan of Arc. The bios all lead up to their more or less renowned final words, as promised by the book title.

Whenever the exact wording, or even the authenticity, is in dispute, Persson tries his best to argue his case, all the while remaining well within the scope and understanding of the history neophyte.

One that stuck with me, that I did not know of already, was Magda Goebbels, who not only committed suicide along with her husband at the idea of a life without their führer, but who also assisted all her six children in stepping into eternity for the same reason.

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