Thursday, September 24, 2015

Nextopia - Micael Dahlén

Nextopia the term Professor Dahlén adopts to describe how our society is based on expectations and the pursuit of happiness, as opposed to experiencing the event / purchase / happiness itself. According to him - and he has made extensive research in consumer behaviour, so he should know - what we value most of all is what we expect to come next.

This was interesting and clear-cut! Despite not having followed the series, I do believe it is almost impossible to dislike an essay that uses 'Lost' and its audience to illustrate its point :

 (That raised your expectations, now ,didn't it? According to Dahlén, you are therefore at your happiest NOW, before I explain it all to you, so take a while to savour it before you go on reading.)

The show was a hit from the first pilote episode, as loads of people thought "Wow, this looks exciting; I'll watch!" 
Then, the plot got too complicated, and it seemed all loose threads would not be tied up in the end. People grew weary of the convolutions and lost interest. Numbers dropped.
Numbers went up again when ABC announced there would be only two more seasons, and everything would be explained in the final episode. 
I won't go into the general deception that followed the finale, but I reckon Dahlén is right in this : What got people watching was not the actual storyline of the actual show, but what they figured would be coming next in that specific show.

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