Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Krazy Life - YG

Altough I mainly enjoy hiphop for its countercultural aspect - and do not, in point of fact, actually listen much to it - I will reluctantly own up to my uncanny soft spot for gangsta rap.

Whereas I cannot bear the mainstream rappers (Kanye, Chris Brown and their likes) and have always admired the intellectuals (Eminem, Macklemore) for obvious reasons, I am at a total loss to account for the kick I get out of the music of the YGs of this world, while most of the lyrics are overtly offensive.

An immaterial observation : Whenever I manage to include a song in one of my lesson plans (tougher than it seems, as it requires lyrics with historical, social or geographical content; "I love you, I need you" will not do) it's almost always a rap song. 
That quite took me aback at first, until I stopped to consider : The archetypical rapper is urban working class. It makes sense, therefore, that his/her considerations should include reflexions on society, as well as love, sex, crime and money. QED.

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