Friday, June 5, 2015

Us - David Nicholls

Nicholl's style is basic to the brink of simplistic, in point of fact : A classic, first-person narrative, two time-spans, a distinctly British, tongue-in-cheek sense of humour and a style that is so prototypical as to almost lack personality - or at least, to disqualify for the label 'first-rate literature'.

There are, however, particularities to this novel :

1) A striking ability to render his characters endearing to a point where you never ever want to depart from them. 

2) The cunning with which Nicholls delays until the last third of the novel our discovery of hitherto secluded aspects of the narrating main character. And the helplessness with which at that point I already doted on that selfsame character. 

At heart, this is pretty much 'One Day', just as unassumingly lovable, yet dealing with a much more challenging subject matter.

... And if you have ever in your life read a less spoiling review than this, then I'll be d***ed. 
I have not said ONE WORD about the plot!

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