Sunday, June 14, 2015

Turn, season two

Compared  to season one, true to fashion, this was pretty much more of everything. 
Not that this was in any way a letdown! The villains are meaner, the heroes have risen in rank, relations between characters grow more complex, the main character turns double agent and all this makes the plot even more dense and hard to keep track of (especially for your truly who is developing a serious hang-up on remembering proper names and has therefore grown largely dependent on the good-will of fellow viewers). 
Yet, it also obviously renders the whole show even more engaging than before, especially seeing its consistent refusal of clich├ęs and stereotypes.

History moves on : Washington is given a lot more space, and is not always presented as the solicitous founding father we are accustomed to, and the American revolution gradually gains momentum, partly thanks to the French assistance brought on by Lafayette (Anything to spite the Brits!). The final episode is set in early 1778, so there is still room for a third season!

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