Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Real Tudors - Bolland & Cooper

A beautiful book about Tudor portraits, edited by the National Portrait Gallery!
Due to the sad but historic fact that hardly any of the original portraits remain - not even Holbein's famous full-length of Henry VIII is anything but a copy; or rather, several distinctive copies - the pictorial analysis is prevented from being too detailed : There are just too many, too disparate versions of each portrait.
Then, of course, that is also a boon, as these royal portraits would otherwise have been lost to the world, and the royals themselves as a consequence certainly not as renowned.

Most of all, this book made me want to get a proper biography of almost all the Tudors (Edward VI I guess I could do without; dying at the age of fifteen is often a hindrance to everlasting fame) especially Elizabeth I who is my personal favourite.

Hans Holbein's original mural is thought to have looked something like this. 
It was destroyed in a fire, late 17th century.

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