Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Original High - Adam Lambert

Admittedly, this seemed foolproof : Personal Favourite Adam Lambert + iconic (Swedish!) producers Max Martin and Shellback. Failure appeared inconceivable.

Failure is, of course, inconceivable! It rocks, it swings, it has you dance and sing loudly off-key and behave in a fashion altogether highly embarrassing to your children.

It is not, though, - Sorry, Adam, love, I have to say this - quite as accomplished as 'For Your Entertainment'. Ever since 'Trespassing', the Lambert sound is less and less bombastic, less and less melodramatic, less and less extravagant. (Excuse me, but shouldn't a collaboration with Queen lead to rather the opposite?)

Conclusion : Although working with Swedes is almost always a fine idea, for the next album, I would suggest a teaming up with Jim Steinman. Him you can generally count on for high-flown magnificence.

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