Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lola Uppochner - Monika Fagerholm

I was pretty confident about this, until I opened it and found a character-list on the first page. To the best of my knowledge, nobody - nobody! - gets away with character-lists, these days. If a character-list is needed, then the writing is sloppy and the characters too many, that is my take.

Now, I won't push this as far as to accusing Fagerholm of being sloppy, but there is definitely a dizzying profusion of characters and narrative voices here. 
Add to that a storyline that I could not for my life find anything significant about (though I admit it would have been even worse had the corpse been a young woman instead of a man) and a particular something about the style that I simply could not abide. Not sure why.

I quit after 150 pages. I don't think it's intrinsically a bad novel, though. It just didn't agree with me at all.

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