Saturday, June 6, 2015

Even the Rain - I. Bollain 2011

I missed out on the first half of this, so once again, I'd like to disclaim full responsibility for my opinions... Or at the very least, flag for the possibility I might actually, just this once, be mistaken.

Be that as it may, what I saw was this :

The arrival of a film crew, including ever heavenly hot Gael Garc├Ča Bernal, shooting a film about Spaniard's cowing Bolivian Indians smartly parallels the true story of how a TNC (that's Trans National Corporation for you ignorant lot, who know as little as I did until a couple of months ago) attempts to make Bolivians pay for access to clean water.

I am extremely lucky to actually understand the three or four common languages I do, as I am a hopeless bigot when it comes to foreign-language films. (I like to believe that's because I KNOW how much is inevitably lost in translated subtitles...) Despite this inane initial reluctance, I learned to say 'Puta madre' and saw half of what for all intents and purposes seemed to me an intelligent and elaborated picture. Albeit in Spanish.

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