Thursday, May 7, 2015

Vermeer - Arthur K. Wheelock JR

Analyzing artworks in a layman-friendly manner is a first-rate book principle, and Vermeer is one of my favourite artists, so this ought to have been a transcendent read.

However, the art dilettante that I am could not find it in me to share Wheelock's excitement for the precise dating of paintings, or the adjustments Vermeer did or did not operate on his canvases before completing them. 
I would have welcomed well-rounded comments on the copious symbols used, colours and composition and perhaps some insightful remarks on life in 17th century Delft.
Some of this Wheelock provides yet not enough to my taste.

What I did learn : 
1. Vermeer's early works had Biblical motives! I had never seen any of these before.
2. Vermeer's final works are considered (at least by Wheelock) of lesser quality than the masterpieces of his prime.

The Geographer, Johannes Vermeer, 1668

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