Sunday, May 3, 2015

Velàzquez at the Grand Palais, Paris

Loads and loads of paintings at the Grand Palais, most of them portraits of dark-complexioned, heavy-set men or royal children, all done up in adult attire. 

Fortunately, portraits were what Velàzquez did best, so contemplating them sort of takes you back in time, to 17th century Spain. Whether due to our knowledge of the inquisition or to the murky colours of the artworks I can't say, but the fact is I left this exhibition quite thankful to be living here and now (and that's despite the persistent rain) rather than then and there.

In short, it was a lavish exhibition - though the absence of 'Las Meninas' is conspicuous, to say the least! - even if the works of art were not.

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