Friday, May 1, 2015

Have Mercy On Us All - Fred Vargas

Initiated readers will know by now I have grown rather weary of detective stuff, so I won't go into that again (Just did anyway! Apophasis, though admittedly not very elegantly used.).

Whenever I do indulge in a detective story, though, I like it to be one by Vargas.
She is sort of an anti-Camilla Läckberg. Where Läckberg - a former economist and marketer - writes unambiguous and undemanding stories presenting a limited range of onedimensional characters, Vargas - a historian and archaeologist - has adopted a more convoluted style, frequently resorting to historic and folklore motifs to add spice to her plots. The character list does include the usual crowd-pleasing, idiosyncratic detective, but also a large spectrum of various personalities, not all of whom display their positive sides from the outset.

That said, even Vargas's stories follow the typical storyline with all its unavoidable aspects (Yes, there are! Knox's are the most famous, but not the only ones.) which is why I feel I've OD'd.

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