Monday, April 13, 2015

Turn, Washington's Spies, season 1

The American war of independence feels like an inexplicably under-exploited setting for American drama, seeing how short US history actually is and how very attached they are to their 'battles for freedom'. Or have I just missed out?

It might of course just be the take on the whole thing that felt new, here. 
The plot revolves around a young farmer - excellent Billy Elliot Jamie Bell - and his boyhood friends, more or less incidentally turning spies for George Washington in the years following the 1776 declaration. It is supposed to be based on true events, although I have not read the book it draws on. 

The amateur historian I share my couch with found no major flaws in the historical facts; the preteen we share the very same couch with appreciated the absence of the embarrassing, show-all sex-scenes that have become conspicuously present in most American quality TV-shows these days (so did I!), and I personally enjoyed the eye-pleasing images as much as I was thankful for the two above-mentioned couch-sharers, since the plot was both arduous and largely based on half-utterances, thereby stimulating couch-communication.

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