Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Tower of London

This year's school trip I undertook with students two years younger than the ones I usually chaperon (and, for what it's worth, from a lot less quiet surroundings). 
To my delighted surprise, they still drew a lot of pleasure from the Museum of London, poring over the Great Fire, the Plague and Victorian London.

In the Tower, however, I believe they saw mostly a heap of old stones. 
Admittedly, we were a little short of time and the sunshine had a very unfavorable influence on their abilities to focus. The rare things they mustered some interest in - apart from the ravens and the ever-friendly beefeaters - were the Crown Jewels, strangely. (I have always felt so un-concerned with those myself, I didn't even bother to see them until I think my third visit to the Tower.) Can this unexpected attraction be traced back to the financial situations of these students, I wonder?

At any rate, the Tower is still there, FYI. Former royal palace, fortress, prison, zoo, you name it, it is a treat to visit unless you are totally uninterested in history or has the attention span of the fourteen-year-olds I brought yesterday.

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