Sunday, April 19, 2015

Les Tudors, Musée du Luxembourg, Paris 6ème arrdt

Be warned - I may not have been my most objective self when visiting the Tudor exhibition today! 
All these portraits, may of which I have lengthily pored over and examined with or without students, blew my mind when I was confronted with them IRL. They are undeniably as impressive as the Tudor history is fascinating and so that may well have been all it took for me to think the world of the exhibits.

You need to see it, if you can. As a bonus, the museum was inexplicably under-crowded (No waiting in lines! No clustering once inside! We could view all the portraits from any angle we wanted!) so you need to go. Soon.

Me, as Elizabeth in the Ditchley portrait
Merry, isn't it, this modern technology!

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