Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dear White People - J. Simian 2015

A militantly black crowd toughing it out on a predominantly white campus, with major identity issues on the director's mind : This film was in great danger of falling into the Spike Lee in the 90s-trap (i.e. the film-maker being a liiiittle too close to his subject, therefore lacking both distance and the distinction that goes with it).

Fortunately, Simian is able to deal with his subject matter in a particularly elegant and insightful manner. Although he doesn't quite manage to eschew the stereotypes, he does add depth and complexity to most of the characters.

Saw an interview with Simian a couple of days ago, which knocked me out and prompted me to go see the film. As it's only his first, I now expect great things in the future. 

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