Monday, April 6, 2015

Château de Fontainebleau

From the Middle Ages onward, a whole bunch of French monarchs have occupied the Palace in Fontainebleau, around 50 km south of Paris, including Francis I, Henries II and IV, Louises XIII to XVI and, not the least, the first and third Napoleons.

The current decoration goes from flamboyant rococo to the somewhat subtler early 19th century taste, yet it all remains rather too gaudy to my delicate predisposition. 
It's still worthwhile as a historical monument, of course.

These old châteaus are not my favourite type of museum, however. They all seem pretty indistinguishable to me. Plus, I always wonder why no-one ever has the kitchens and servant's quarters set up for visitors? In these Downton Abbey-times we live in, surely, that would attract vacationers?

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