Saturday, March 21, 2015

Maktspelet - Henrik Fexeus

Fexeus calls himself a mentalist (yes, that does sound a bit like a TV-show past its prime) and the English title of this book - 'When You Do What I Want You To' - is pretty explicit.
Anyone regularly interacting with other people (anyone at all, hence) has already either intuitively used these techniques or has been subjected to them. The book is more of a coming to awareness, therefore, than an actual lesson, clarifying rather than explaining.

Not in any way uninteresting, however! Especially as Fexeus sprinkles his text with inside references to popular culture ("Do. Or do not. There is no try." quote Yoda) and witty phrasing.

Some of the gems, for your benefit only :
- Repeating your argument a sufficient number of times will ultimately make it seem true to other people.
- The smoother you package your message, the more people will accept it to be true. ("I'm Lovin' It")
- Praising people will heighten their productivity.
- Throwing people's brain off course through an unexpected turn of thought will open a window for you to pass on your message through.

...Plus : Body language, the crucial importance of conjunctions 'and', 'or', 'but' and their various uses, and more or less well-known sales techniques (follow and lead, for instance, or creating a series of 'yes').

Most of this I already knew, or sensed intuitively. 
Still; an entertaining and enlightening read.

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