Monday, March 9, 2015

Fever Pitch - Nick Hornby

For those who might have missed it, I will repeat that I worship Hornby as a writer and have always proclaimed that I would certainly take pleasure in reading any text of his, whatever the subject.

That proclamation was of course severely put to the test with Hornby's first novel, 'Fever Pitch', which I had, inexplicably, never read before. The take is brilliant : It is an autobiography divided into football-matches, Hornby being a notoriously obsessive Arsenal-fan. I personally am very much the contrary, only my disapproval extends to the whole sport, rather than to just one team. That's why this book was indeed something of a challenge.

Each chapter is one game, starting in 1968 and ranging from 'Arsenal vs Liverpool / Luton / Ipswich' or 'England vs Holland' to 'My school vs Their school'. Via the matches, Hornby tackles not only the subject of his own youth, but also of the major societal events that were, for instance, the Heysel tragedy, or Hillsborough.

... And it's brilliant, of course! 
It would unquestionably have been even more brilliant if I had been able to muster up even the slightest interest in football, but as it were, I still intend to go on proclaiming I relish in Hornby's writing, whatever the subject.

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