Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Expeditionen, Min Kärlekshistoria - Bea Uusma

I already knew a little about Andree and his two fellow explorers' aborted trip to the North Pole in 1897, which ended prematurely three days after take-off when their hot-air balloon floundered on the pack ice.
I learnt from this book that the men then spent ninety days on a small island just east of Svalbard, inhabited only by polar bears, before dying from causes still to this day unknown (much to Uusma's despair).

Had not the critics been so over the moon about this book, I would certainly never have even considered reading it, yet I certainly don't regret doing so. The title is 'The Expedition - My Love Story' which is an accurate description of how committed (obsessed is perhaps a better word?..) Uusma is to the explorers and their fate. 
Her enthusiasm is highly contagious, her writing elegant, and the book a sheer pleasure.

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