Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Imitation Game - M. Tyldum 2014

Last year, for the 60th anniversary of his death, Alan Turing started appearing in various publications intended for high school teachers of English, at least in France. Before that, I don't think I had ever heard his name. I now know he was a mathematician, pivotal in cracking German WWII codes, and counts as a precursor in computer science.

This film will tell you all of the above (except for his appearances in French schooling documents) in two entertaining hours. My ten-year-olds both enjoyed it, albeit not as much as I did. Wholesome family fun, then! (OK, perhaps more educational than fun.)

I am so going to get this on DVD and show it to students! Apart from the fact that it fits nicely into the work on the Blitz I generally do with my last-years, and its obvious didactic value, it also skilfully raises the issues of outsidership, feminism, friendship, tolerance and homosexuality.

Plus, it's directed by a Scandinavian.

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