Thursday, February 19, 2015

American Gods - Neil Gaiman

I tried this out for rather curious reasons. For instance, I follow Gaiman on Twitter, though I can't really say why. Also, I kept coming across his name in various articles and blog-posts.When the copy I ordered on Amazon arrived and the cover carried blurbs by USA Today and Stephen King, I was slightly worried but went on reading anyway.

Ultimately, I was glad I did! The plot revolves around the aptly named Shadow, who is hired as a bodyguard for Scandinavian god Wotan / Odin and subsequently is made to navigate, Jesus-like, between an impressive number of more or less ancient gods, brought to the US by the settlers and then forgotten for more modern deities.

It was all entertaining and clever enough! A good read, though not exactly Nobel-prize material.

I'm currently having issues with the internet access. Sooner or later, pics will come.

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