Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Battle of the Five Armies - P. Jackson 2014

There were most certainly better films to choose from at my local movie complex ('Foxcatcher' or 'Interstellar' for instance) (but then I almost decided on 'Mortdecai' as well, before I viewed the trailer and changed my mind!) but as this exceptionally bleak winter has created a pressing need for escapism (and I had my ten-year-old with me) I ended up in front of 'The Hobbit'.

Escapism it was, of course! Pretty pictures. Not much of a plot. (The story is all in the title, really.) A bit long, especially considering you know all along how will end. Orlando Bloom looks middle-aged and overweight, although he is neither.

In short, although this is indeed not a great film, it is definitely a great show.  


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