Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Queen + Adam Lambert, Zénith de Paris

A die-hard, if slightly over-aged, Adam Lambert-fan, I was quite excited about finally seeing him live, even if I did realize the Queen-songs would probably dominate.

The closer I got to the venue, though, the more I saw of the rest of the audience, and the greater were my misgivings.

And yeah, sure enough, this was indeed a Queen-concert, with die-hard, perfectly aged Queen-fans, there to hear Brian May and Roger Taylor.

And yeah, Lambert held his own, as far as it's possible to spend an evening singing Queen-songs without actually impersonating Freddie Mercury.

And yeah, May and Taylor have been playing - together! - for half a century, so the sound was airtight. It did rock. (Though I personally can only take so many guitar and drum-solos in one evening.)

But no, it was not what I had hoped for. 
A solo Adam next time, please.

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