Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Girl Most Likely - Berman & Pulcini, 2012

I totally love Kristen Wiig. I know I'm not alone in that, and indeed, I don't really see how it is possible not to totally love someone who is so utterly talented at portraying confused women, constantly saying the wrong things at parties and generally making you cringe with embarrassment. (Although, yes; she can play other parts, as well!)

This particular confused woman makes her return from New York to her birthplace, New Jersey, and her estranged family (much too rare Annette Bening).
It's the type of indie film where the actors look like almost-real people, the settings look like real American homes and they are surrounded by what looks like real (American!) people.

Now, if all this sounds a tiny bit like 'Bridesmaids', that may be because these two films do have quite a lot in common. But then, I figure they still have less in common than any random two action blockbusters do, and that seems to work out just fine for most people, so...

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