Friday, October 24, 2014

Song Book - Nick Hornby

Just like Patrick Bateman of 'American Psycho', Hornby here dedicates whole chapters to songs he enjoys. Instead of dissecting Whitney Houston- and Huey Lewis and the News-albums, however, Hornby is more into low-key hippie music. 

At least I think he is! Because however much I adore Hornby - and I do! I do! - our tastes in music have no more in common than our tastes in literature (see 'Ten Years In the Tub') so most of the time I have no idea who he is on about.

Which is just fine, though, because as I have already pointed out on numerous occasions, if Hornby wrote user's manuals for electronic hardware, I am confident I would read them with just as much delectation as I did this.

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