Thursday, October 9, 2014

Plectrumelectrum - Prince and 3rd Eye Girl

Prince's greatness never lay either in inches above water - although he IS short - nor in any particular album - although some of them ARE pure genius - but rather in his refusal to adopt one single style, even to excel in it. But that was way back in the day, of course; before he got stuck in a funky jazz-rut, and I filed for a divorce.

Having not even considered buying a single Prince-album in the last decade, I can't really say what prompted me to get this. Marketing, perhaps?

Be that as it may, this was actually quite OK! It's not 'Purple Rain' or 'Lovesexy', obviously, nor even anywhere near the New Power Generation, but then those days are, I guess, irrevocably gone.

The Prince on guitars is the Prince I prefer, so I enjoyed this, even though it's not always very runner-friendly.

Incidentally, I did take a shot at the other album as well. It's just that I have never really shared his neverending enthusiasm for languorous ballads, so that was not for me.

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