Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hypnotisören - L. Hallström 2012

I do recall reading this a couple of years ago, but must admit that is pretty much all I remember about it.
My enthusiasm for detective novels has moved from rather intense to practically nonexistent, I'm afraid. These days, it seems to me most of them consist largely of cheap thrills and misogyny. 

Nothing about this adaptation clashes with the above. It is more slow-moving than most American thrillers, and well reflects the mood of what is known in Sweden as 'Stockholm noir'.

Apart from that, the one positive view I might forward about it, would be that Hallström finally deviates from his customary feelgood-approach to film-making. 
(Regrettably, he is no David Fincher.)
(Not many are. Another regrettable fact of life.)

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