Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hemingway & Gellhorn - P. Kaufman 2012

Normally gorgeous Clive Owen (not so much in this opus, sadly) is Hemingway to Kidman's narrating war-correspondent / third wife. Filming the civil war in Spain, drinking & writing in Key West, they do just about everything you expect them to do and not much else.

An imaginative (well...) play with colours and grain is the only thing that sets this ambitious TV-film apart from other, basic love stories. If, like my father (and probably at some level myself; why else would I keep bothering with biopics??) you get a kick out of believing things to be Based On A True Story, then this is an OK way to learn a few things about one of America's greatest writers. (Unless you have already studied some literature, in which case you already know this.)

Not much to redeem old Papa Hemingway in here, interestingly. He is portrayed as being precisely as vain, macho and self-indulgent as the public image makes him out to be.

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