Friday, October 3, 2014

Avant l'Hiver / Before the Winter Chill - P. Claudel 2013

Two French films in the course of a week! I guess I have already filled my quota for the next six months by now!

Like Sarah's Key, Claudel's first film, this is a slow, subdued and finely tuned affair, about an ageing surgeon, his wife and his stalker. (That may have come off a wee bit more dramatic than it does in the film...)

It is a vehemently un-American film in that it rests heavily on the implicit and the un-said. 

It also has quite a strange, hypnotic character to it : My husband and kids of all ages passing in front of the TV set all somehow froze and remained staring at the excruciatingly slow-moving plot. Only the cat was insensitive to Claudel's directing talents.

Should you like to have a go at his writing, I recommend you try 'Les Ames Grises' (Grey Souls).

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